Company History

SPRING LAKE ENERGY LLC was founded in October 2010 to bring refined and streamlined professional land and mineral technical and management services to the oil and gas industry.  Founding Principal Rhonda Genre, along with Alvin Toups, both seasoned veteran Landmen with nearly 30 years of combined successful and recognized experience set out to develop a total service organization of industry top performers.  SPRING LAKE ENERGY was designed by applying all of the lessons learned from the principals and core team selectees to maximize performance and efficiency; lower the overall cost of project operations; minimize inaccuracies therein mitigating the need for costly “re-dos”, and develop “tight” in-sync communications and relationships with their clients.  Spring Lake Energy adheres to a strict confidentiality policy to safeguard all of our client’s information and positions.

SPRING LAKE ENERGY delivers outstanding results to the client in the form of average project savings of 30% or more overall, along with superior time management, issue resolution and reconciliations.  SPRING LAKE ENERGY has, and continues to work with notable exploration organizations of sizes ranging from small to large, as well as investor organizations, and private individuals and estates.

SPRING LAKE ENERGY and team have extensive and comprehensive service experience in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Texas, as well as in other areas to a lesser degree.  From inception, SPRING LAKE ENERGY’s intent was to become a “Full Service” company that enabled an intense focus on the quality and efficiency of any oil and gas project discipline from all party’s perspectives.  SPRING LAKE ENERGY has assembled an extensive Team of recognized veterans that is ready, and verifiably capable of assisting any client in the accomplishment and attainment of their requirements and goals regardless of project size or complexity.  In addition, SPRING LAKE ENERGY specialist team members possess impressive credentials in that range from executive and project management, strategic planning, development, finance, marketing and real estate coupled with their core oil and gas industry capabilities.


Rhonda Genre, Founder and Principal, Project Management:  Founder and Principal of SPRING LAKE ENERGY with 10 years in the oil and gas industry with in depth experience working in-house as a Corporate Land Analyst, and as an Independent Landman in CO, NE, KS, MT, SD and ND.  She holds numerous awards for her outstanding performance and contributions made to every organization she has supported.  Ms. Genre manages the Leasing operations of the Team, including the development of all lease packages, the acquisition and distribution functions for all Lessor monetary instruments, and the management of all completed lease files, communications and correspondence with all Lessors.  Ms. Genre also manages and coordinates all detailed information spreadsheets, and provides required updates and summaries to the clients.  Ms. Genre is considered an expert for all title operations with numerous commendations from industry leaders.

Our Senior Title Experts: Possess appropriate senior experience levels to conduct and perform oversight of title operations, due diligence, curative title, ROW, infrastructure, well location, pipeline easements and surface use agreements, in addition to any surface use resolution payments.  Our Senior Title Experts possess the experience necessary to successfully perform and accomplish Crew Chief functions, and assume responsibility for team crew operations that may involve oversight of larger professional landmen groups.

Our Senior Title and Legal Process Experts: Possess detailed experience in all aspects of title operations.   They have capabilities to successfully deliver senior level performance in a variety of diverse operating environments such as evidenced in ND, MT, SD, WY, OK, CO and TX.  In addition, their background encompasses court/legal process related experience therein maximizing the Team’s ability to smoothly and efficiently initiate, operate and complete all projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our Senior Lease Experts: Possess successful experience in diverse areas, and have extensive and multi-faceted senior level negotiation skills.  In addition, our Team commands exceptional relationship development skills that are critical in extreme competitive environments.  To date, our Lease Experts have successfully conducted lease operations in excess of 1 million acres.

 Team Composition

  • – Core team of 15 highest qualified Senior Landmen (All are Qualified Project or Crew Managers)
  • – Highly qualified senior  ACTIVE RESERVE team for larger scale projects
  • – 40 Senior Landmen “quick turn-around” mobilization capacity
  • – Ready Multi-Project capacity of three moderate to large projects at any given time