Our Total Service, Managed Day Rates are the first indicator to you that we are serious about drastically reducing your project costs. Our managed day rate alone is on average 24% less than any potentially viable support candidates in the industry.
We were founded in October 2010 primarily to provide a significantly more cost effective way for exploration companies to confidently accomplish their objectives by contracting directly with us as their primary land support, or as a supplement to their in-house operations. With the enormous costs associated with projects such as resource trend plays, we designed a better way to provide Professional Full Service, Landman Support. Why spend more of your project capital than you need to. With overall project savings of as much as 30% or greater, our large team of managed high performance, highly motivated veteran Landmen and Specialists are the “Contractors of Choice” by every client that we have served. Contracting with us will allow you to broaden the scope, or improve the bottom line of any current or planned project. For larger projects, our delivered performance translates to $MILLIONS in savings to you.

From inception, SPRING LAKE ENERGY applied all of the lessons learned from the principals and the core team members which equal many decades of experience in some of the industry’s most challenging projects. We thoroughly understand that for a project to be successful, it must be confidential; have meaningful technical and scientific supporting data; be fully capitalized; be timely; have 24/7 communications; and it must have concentrated and dedicated management in order to fulfill the planned objectives required by your stakeholders and investors. Spring Lake Energy’s approach to your support focuses on the same concerns that you have. We’re not just hired contractors: We’re your partners that are determined to help you minimize your risks and achieve undeniable success. We are interested in a long-term relationship, so your success is our success. This philosophy is an integral part of our practice. It is a requirement that our management and senior team possess skill sets that reflect these attributes, along with their superior oil and gas industry experience.

We invite you to contact us to discuss in detail how we can help you maximize your project capital and achieve greater results.

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